Princes William, Harry Developed ‘Fondness’ For Princess Diana’s Lover James Hewitt

Princess Diana’s sons Prince William and Prince Harry developed fondness for one of her lovers.

The Prince and Princess of Wales had a fairytale wedding in 1981. However, their 11-year marriage ended in divorce. Following their split, Princess Diana was involved in several romantic relationships, one of which was with former cavalry officer James Hewitt.

According to Tina Brown in her 2007 book “The Diana Chronicles,” Prince William and Prince Harry became so used to Hewitt’s presence that they developed a certain fondness for him.

“He became such a familiar private guest whenever the prince was away that William and Harry developed a fondness for him,” Brown wrote.

Hewitt exerted efforts to win Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s two boys. He reportedly had little Army uniforms made for Prince William and Prince Harry for their visit to Windsor Barracks. He also loved to play with them on the Highgrove lawn with the Army captain and his black labrador. At times, Princess Diana’s protection officer Ken Wharfe would join Hewitt for pillow fights with the boys.

Royal biographer Katie Nicholl also said the same thing about Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship to Hewitt in “Harry: Life, Loss and Love.” The author revealed that Prince William and Prince Harry formed an “immediate bond” with Hewitt.

He would read them Prince William’s favorite book and talk to them about his stint in the army as both were very fond of all things related to the military. He also invited the princes to the barracks.

“Hewitt was only too happy to indulge Harry’s passion, inviting both boys to his army barracks, where he allowed them to climb in and out of tanks, pretend to shoot machine guns, and meet other serving officers,” Nicholl added.

In Nicholl’s other book, titled “William and Harry,” she revealed that Princess Diana was never a horsewoman but after seeing how Prince William and Prince Harry enjoyed polo, she decided to give it a go and Hewitt became her instructor. He would also help Prince William and Prince Harry improve their trotting and cantering.

Princess Diana and Hewitt’s relationship didn’t become public knowledge until he released a book about their affair in 1994. Prince Charles reportedly “went ballistic” after learning about it, but the Prince of Wales didn’t stop Hewitt from visiting the palace.