Prince Charles Dubbed ‘Patient King In Waiting’ For This Purpose

Prince Charles was recently dubbed the “patient king in waiting” since he has been waiting to lead the monarchy for decades.

Michelle Chandler, a journalist for the Asia Times, claimed that Prince Charles will only take over the role as the head of the monarchy if and when Queen Elizabeth II resigns or dies. Abdication from Her Majesty’s end is also believed to be a possibility.

Chandler also talked about Prince Charles’ recent investiture and said that the successful event was a way for the future King to atone for some of his verbal missteps in the past, as well as to distance himself from some of the controversial views he has expressed in the past.

“This is a challenge. A certain segment of the population recalls past scandals all too vividly, in particular, his very painful divorce from Diana, or thinks of him as an ‘old fogey’ or laughs at his penchant for talking to his plants,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, the recent controversies surrounding Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle are believed to have caused problems to Queen Elizabeth II. As such, the recent investiture was organized to redirect everyone’s attention back to Prince Charles.

“For Charles too, it has been a lifespan of misstatements, a disastrous marriage, turbulent events, and rejections, but he is ready to set the standard of ‘service and sacrifice’ before self for the British monarchy. And the Windsor’s will protect their dynasty at all costs,” she said.

Last year, Liam Doyle, a journalist for Express, wondered if Prince Charles will finally become King this year. He said that the dad of two has been first in line to the throne for 65 years. He is also the longest-running heir to the throne at the moment.

The only way for Prince Charles to become King this year is if his mom would abdicate. But in 1953, Her Majesty took the throne and said that she will dedicate her entire life to it. This suggests that she might never consider abdicating.