Plymouth female stalker threatened her singer ex

An obsessed female stalker has been jailed after threatening to chop off a rock singer’s genitals and feed them to him after a four-year campaign which made his life ‘miserable’.

Gemma Heppolette, 42, repeatedly vowed to shoot her ex-partner Heath Booton and threatened to ‘slice up’ his current partner in a stream of vile texts.

The crazed ex said she would blow up a gig by his band XLR and bombarded him with social media messages from fake accounts, a court heard.

Despite already being jailed for threatening the musician, Heppolette carried on.

A court order warned Heppolette to stay away but she persisted, even quoting song lyrics at her ex, including ‘Bang Bang’ by Nancy Sinatra about shooting a lover and ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police.

Mr Booton said in a statement at Plymouth Crown Court that his life had been made an ‘absolute misery’. 

She bombarded him with 71 messages over about 13 months in a vicious campaign of harassment.

It is the third set of offences Heppolette has committed against Mr Booton over four years.

Jailing her for four years and eight months, Judge James Townsend said: ‘This was a deliberate, lengthy and highly malicious campaign requiring considerable planning and foresight.

‘You waged a malicious campaign against your victim. In his own words, you have made his life an absolute misery. It has affected his relationships, his working life and his mental health.

‘What you have done is as bad if not worse than an actual serious physical assault.’ 

The court heard the couple’s two year relationship ended in 2014 and Heppolette has been stalking him since then. She was given an initial restraining order after pleading guilty to earlier offences of harassing him and perverting the course of justice.

She was also jailed for the offences in October 2015.

Prosecutor Sally Daulton said while she was in prison Mr Booton received none of the anonymous messages he suspected were coming from his ex-partner.

But within days of her release in December 2015 he started receiving suspicious messages again. One was from a Facebook account under the name Prisoner Bellyflop, who purported to have been behind bars with Heppolette.

The stalker was handed a restraining order but broke it.

She added she created false accounts and sent her former lover vile messages under pseudonyms – though the wording was very similar to her past offences.

Heppolette bizarrely sent a message from a Facebook account apparently created by another Heath Booton.

One threat said: ‘You would not look so good with your b*******s in your mouth.’

She repeatedly threatened to shoot him, and also to blow up a gig and ‘slice up his girlfriend’.

On that occasion Heppolette sent Mr Booton one message at a gig which said: ‘I have brought my little black friend. Bang, bang. I will use it.’

Another said she would walk on his grave – and defecate on it.

The defendant was convicted by a jury of breaching a restraining order in September 2016.

 However, her bizarre outbursts did not end there.

 She was handed a two-year term suspended for two years in February 2017.

On Monday, Miss Heppolette admitted stalking Mr Booton, putting him in fear of violence, between February last year and this March.

Heppolette, of Plymouth, Devon, also admitted repeatedly contacting him via social media in breach of a restraining order over the same period.  

Piers Norsworthy, for Heppolette, said that she had only accepted her guilt in the last two days – despite entering a plea to that effect in May.

He added it marked a ‘significant step forward’ because she could not be treated for her behaviour until she accepted responsibility.

Mr Norsworthy said prison sentences had been inevitable in the past but they had failed to stop her offending.

He added: ‘She describes that she feels sick thinking about the messages. There was no physical contact, there was no violence, it was limited to threats.

‘It is likely she was drunk at the time she sent these messages. She has a history of alcohol misuse.’

Mr Norsworthy said it was in everyone’s interests for Heppolette to be helped by supervision.

He added that the defendant, who has no children of her own, had an emotionally unstable personality disorder.  


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