Passengers forced to stay in bed bug-ridden ‘building site’ hotel by easyJet – after airline cancelled flights

Passengers on the cancelled flight complained about uncleaned bathrooms and bed-sheets as well as dangerous holes and exposed wires

EASYJET passengers who had their flight cancelled by the airline were sent to a nightmare building site hotel overnight.

Several customers claimed they were bitten by bed bugs while staying at the Paradise Golden 5 Hotel in Egypt earlier this month.

There were also dangerous open manholes that they could have fallen into in the dark.

The Brits were heading back from Hurghada in Egypt to Stansted when their flights were delayed and then cancelled.

A passenger called George, who only wanted to give his first name, told Sun Online Travel: “We checked the flights before getting to the airport and we saw there was going to be an hour’s delay.

“However, when we got there, there was a four hour delay. After queuing up, staff shouted out that the flight had unfortunately been cancelled due to a technical issue, and because the cabin crew needed a certain amount of rest hours.

“We were told that we would be put up in a hotel overnight.”

George told Sun Online Travel that passengers were taken by coach to the hotel – but they were shocked by what they found.

He said: “We arrived at about 10.30pm and were told we could eat from the buffet, which we declined because it looked as if the food had been left out since the afternoon.”

As he was escorted to his room with his partner, George noticed several large, open manholes along the path, which he said he could have easily fallen down. There were also live wires on the path.

It got worse when he got to his room, which had a strong smell of cigarettes.

George said: “The smell of smoke was awful. It smelled like someone had smoked 100 packs of cigarettes in there. I told the bellboy who said, ‘I’ll open the window for you.’

“There was a microwave on the bed for some reason, which we had to move off.

“There was also a tap that wouldn’t turn off and the water had to be turned off at the mains.

“When we looked in the shower, there was pubic hair in it. It hadn’t been cleaned. It was vile.”

George told the bellboy that he wanted to change rooms and went to reception with another couple.

He said: “We found that about 80 per cent of the 171 people on the flight were asking to change their rooms.

“One mother was shouting, and saying that she had let her daughter lay down on the bed for ten minutes and she had been bitten by bed bugs twice during that period. She said she had to kill two bugs from the bed.

“We were moved to another room and it was just as bad. On the walk to the room, the carpets looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in years, with oily stains everywhere.

“In our new room, one of the beds hadn’t been made, and another had an elastic band in it.

“The towels in the bathrooms were also stained and there was dust everywhere.

“I had to sleep in my clothes that night as I was so horrified by the state of the room.”

George asked the hotel for compensation, but was told he would receive none.

He has now had compensation of around £500 from easyJet, but other passengers have yet to receive any money.

A passenger called Jill told Sun Online Travel: “I was travelling with my partner, my mum and my five-month-old daughter.

“Our bags were taken off us at the airport after we checked in, and that was when we found out that the flights were cancelled, but we couldn’t get our bags back that night.

“We had to board a coach to the hotel and I was worried that I didn’t have enough formula for my baby – I was worried sick. Luckily, we met another couple who had some spare milk I could feed my daughter with.”

Like George, Jill had a negative experience with her room, which she found to be dirty.

She said: “EasyJet have agreed to give me money back for the flight delay but only after I sent them several emails. They have also ignored my request for compensation to do with the hotel, which was like a building site.

“The key thing is to make sure this hotel is never used again – it needs to be shut down.

“It is being advertised by many companies online as a beautiful five star place but it is not fit for anyone to stay there. It is disgusting.”

easyJet told Sun Online Travel: “We are sorry to hear of Ms Collingwood and Mr Elster’s experience at the five star Paradise Golden 5 hotel in Hurghada which we provided for them during an overnight delay.

“We expect any hotel which accommodates our passengers to operate to very high standards and apologise if they fell short on this occasion.

“We have passed this feedback on to the hotelier and our hotel supplier who have offered a gesture of goodwill in light of their experience.”

Sun Online Travel recently revealed that a passenger was kicked off an easyJet flight because it was overbooked.

Charlotte Barton had already sat down on the plane to Geneva when she discovered that another passenger had been assigned her seat.

She was left feeling mortified while the cabin crew appealed for an volunteer to disembark.

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