Overwatch LEGO Bastion Set Released TODAY in Blizzard Shop and available at BlizzCon 2018

BLIZZARD has announced that their first Overwatch LEGO set is for Bastion. Better still, it’s been released TODAY in preparation for BlizzCon 2018

Overwatch LEGO Bastion Set Released TODAY in Blizzard Shop and available at BlizzCon 2018BLIZZARD

Overwatch LEGO Bastion Set Released TODAY in Blizzard Shop and available at BlizzCon 2018

The Overwatch LEGO Sets have been teased for quite some time, but now players are finally getting the chance to get their hands on the new toys, following an announced by Blizzard this morning

“Overwatch players have long enjoyed assembling teams featuring the iconic hero Bastion. Soon members of the community will be able to assemble Bastion in real life thanks to a new collaboration between Blizzard Entertainment and The LEGO Group.”

In advance of the launch of a full collection of LEGO Overwatch building sets coming later this year, fans can purchase LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion on the Blizzard Gear Store starting TODAY!

We already know your second question. The LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion price has been set at £22.50.

Those attending BlizzCon 2018, taking place November 2 and 3 at the Anaheim Convention Center, will also be able to purchase the figure on site.

This Blizzard-exclusive display model features Bastion in the orange Omnic Crisis skin with a display plate built from LEGO bricks.

The figure features a swivelling upper body, moveable arms, and a weapon built into the right arm, and comes with Bastion’s trusty bird, Ganymede.

This unique figure, which stands over 4 inches (12cm) tall in robot mode, is the ideal collector’s item for Overwatch fans and will be a welcome addition to any gaming setup.

Blizzard Entertainment and The LEGO Group first announced their collaboration in May at the 2018 Licensing Expo, and most recently teased the upcoming building sets collection in a lighthearted video featuring Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan.

LEGO has previously teased six mystery figures which give a sense of the Overwatch characters we can expect to be transformed to brick-form.

While not confirmed, it looks as though the figures who could form part of the Overwatch LEGO Sets include Widowmaker, Reinhardt (or it could be Reaper or Zenyatta), Genji, Soldier 76, Mercy and McCree.

The six shapes are shown on a loading screen on an Overwatch Twitter video, with a backdrop of some Overwatch maps.

This includes the Japan-bsed Hanamura map.

Posting a short GIF of the characters, Overwatch tweeted: “Assemble your team. Overwatch + Lego: Coming Soon!”

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