Outrage as Labor councillor criticises women for moaning about inequality 

A Labor councillor has criticised women for complaining about inequality in the workplace and told them to start applying for jobs.

Pierre Esber, a councillor in Parramatta in Sydney’s west, said women who want one of the highest-paying jobs in local parliament need to quit their moaning and apply.

The position of Parramatta Council CEO pays more than both the Australian prime minister and NSW premier and is currently open.

Mr Esber told The Daily Telegraph that women who don’t get the job can’t complain about gender inequality, as he claims the recruitment process is free of bias.

‘Women are always out there complaining that they do not get a fair go and that they do not get paid well,’ the councillor said.

‘I call upon all eligible women to apply and look forward to working with the best person for the job.’ 

State president of the Australian Local Government Women’s Association, Cassandra Coleman, said Mr Esber’s comments were ‘concerning’. 

During Mr Stapleton’s application process last year, only two women applied out for the role, which had a total of 70 applicants.

Mr Esber said the applicants were diverse, including a former councillor, lobster farmer and restaurant owner all gunning for the tole.

However, he said he’s eager to see more than just two females apply for the job and insists gender bias is not evident at the western Sydney council. 

‘Some of them have tried to hide behind the fact that they are a woman, saying that is the reason why they didn’t get the job,’ he said. 

According to the Australian Local Government Women’s Association, of the 128 CEOs and general managers in NSW local councils, just 14-20 per cent are women.


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