Ninja Warrior reveals the years of practice that goes behind her seemingly dangerous photos  

Former Ninja Warrior star Olivia Vivian, from Perth, Western Australia, has showed off her impressive strength and control by posing on, in and beside of some of the city’s most beautiful landmarks.

‘I never perform a pose or movement that I’m unsure about or that is outside my capabilities,’ the 29-year-old former Olympic gymnast told FEMAIL.

‘I also work with highly skilled photographers who know certain angles in order to make something look “riskier” than the reality.’

Olivia and her photographer ensure that every pose and photo taken is done in safe conditions and they use illusions to make them seem scarier than they might actually be. 

In recent photos taken in Kings Park by Adam Kenna, he angled the photo to make it look like she’s miles high when in fact there’s soft grass just below that’s been cut out of the photo.

‘I realise it’s not everyone’s cup of tea when they see photos like this, and I don’t blame people who get the heebie jeebies as they’re uneducated on the safety and entitled to their own opinion,’ she said.

‘In reality though, most of the stunts I perform are in an extremely focused state, which I believe is safer than people getting into their car to drive while on their phone.’

Olivia explained that taking on these kinds of poses personally is different than if anyone else was to do it.

This is thanks to her 20 years of gymnastics training spent building foundations, strength, flexibility and aerial awareness for countless tricks.

She is also an artistic gymnast who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics so her skill level is paramount.  

‘I’ve trained myself to be extremely in tune to my body, when I’m upside down in a handstand for example, I’m completely in my flow state, totally focused in the moment on every part of my body,’ she said. 

‘I’ve spent years developing and perfecting my skill set, as anyone in their profession does.

‘For example, you’d hire a chippy to renovate your house because they’ve spent the time learning and mastering the skills required, but if you’d hire me to do that job then I’d probably lose a hand or nail my own foot to the ground.’

She spends over 20 hours a week training a mixture of workouts to keep her ‘ninja abilities’ well rounded. 

This consists of F45 training and LaGree fitness to upkeep her muscle tone and cardio levels, rock climbing to strengthen her fingers, grip and upper body strength, Ninja training at the Ninja Academy and she work on handstands and other tricks every day. 

Although she has received some back lash online for the poses the attempts anything she films or photographs has years of practice behind it.

‘I think many people assume they’re Instagram stunts, when the truth is I was doing these sorts of things well and truly before Instagram, and as beneficial as the platform has been for me to attract more work, I would continue to produce unique content if Instagram got wiped tomorrow,’ she said.

‘Ultimately I’m content with everyone having their own opinion, if they prefer to judge too quickly and construe negative energy, rather than taking a moment to read and admire the strength and hard work that goes into these poses, then that’s their decision.

‘I’m not perfect, but I work hard to be able to do what I do, and I’m content with the decisions I’ve made so far.’ 

Olivia was inspired to take this photos when years ago she discovered her love for ‘movement’ and doing things differently to those around her. 

Now she’s been lucky enough to turn her years of hard work into a living and is hired by different photographers and companies to promote certain places and events by using her unique skills. 


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