Nigella Lawson outrages Aperol Spritz fans by comparing it to Tizer during Twitter debate

Nigella Lawson has joined a heated Aperol Spritz debate on Twitter – with many debating whether they like the Italian cocktail.

The English TV chef, 59, was replying to a New York Times article which claimed that the drink ‘isn’t actually good’. 

Comparing it to a luminous soft drink she said: ‘I agree with @NYTimes. Why would anyone have a Tizer-like Aperol Spritz when you could have a Campari Soda or even an Americano?’

But many disagreed with Nigella and also the original NY times article, which went on to describe the drink as a ‘sugary apéritif, paired with low-quality prosecco, soda water and an outsized orange slice.’

One fan of the drink on Twitter joked: ‘I’ll give up the espresso martini but you can pry the aperol spritz from my cold, dead hands’.

 Nigella’s tweet just fuelled the already heated debate, with one saying: ‘Imagine a world where you had never tasted an aperol spritz, or even heard of one. someone gives you a tall frosty glass. what do you assume it tastes like?’

Other fans said they felt offended by the original article, with one joking: ‘Stop shaming the aperol spritz internet.’

The drink which is made by adding the aperol liquor to prosecco and soda, over ice, has increased in popularity over the last few years.

Others went on to agree with the New York Times article, who had also compared the drink to a  ‘children’s vitamin’, saying, ‘it’s wrong, and it’s a hangover biding its time.’

One admitted: ‘I couldn’t agree more, but this drink is all the rage in Vienna right now.’

Another also said: ‘My wife’s a big fan of aperol spritz and look, I go along with it because I’ll drink anything if someone’s offering to make it for me. But would I choose aperol spritz otherwise? Nah.’ 

Another Twitter joked: ‘Aperol spritz is basically the same as berocca and vodka 

Others felt so strongly about the drink that they created gifs and pictures, one mocked up a picture, captioning it ‘Aperol spritz hive assemble’ while the picture of two men in an arm wrestle said: ‘Anyone else willing to band together to defend the honour of the delicious aperol spritz?’


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