Nationwide Napping Day 2019: Information To Have fun The Return Of Daylight Saving

National Napping Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated annually on the day right after clocks are set to the daylight savings time. The holiday has one purpose: to give everyone a chance to catch up on the sleep they lost after the clocks are set an hour ahead.

National Napping Day can be traced back to 1999 when William Anthony, a professor at Boston University, and his wife Camille decided to create a day that would help highlight the importance and benefits of a nap. They agreed to have the holiday on the Monday after Daylight Savings Time since they thought the Americans needed a nap after having lost an hour due to DST. The decision was widely appreciated by the sleep-deprived Americans and was celebrated enthusiastically by them.

Here are 15 facts about naps to celebrate the National Napping Day 2019: