Mum defends son who floored man ‘harassing’ her: ‘They should NEVER have come here’

CCTV footage of Jack Randall, 22, arriving at his Middlesbrough home caused a social media storm this week.

The clip showed him confronting a man who was supposedly harassing disabled mum Trudy Murrell, 55, on her doorstep.

He then launched a savage right hook to the man’s jaw – sending him crumpling to the ground.

Trudy, who suffers from Fibromyalgia and diabetes, claimed she had gone outside to get an ice cream for her one-year-old granddaughter when two men approached.

“I was frightened of them,” she said.

“Those kinds of people are unpredictable. I’m ill and so I may have struggled to defend myself.

“The one that went to the door, he turned funny. He started swaying and he couldn’t walk.”

She said Jack’s girlfriend had messaged him to say what was going on, which is “why he got out the car so quickly and punched him straight away”.

“I didn’t know he knew what was going on,” Trudy added.

“They should never have come over here, it’s our house, our property.”

Jack’s brother James was sleeping upstairs when the commotion broke out on Sunday at around 1pm.

It woke him up, he said, and when he discovered what was going on, he dragged the fallen man out of the driveway by his neck.

“The way they were going there was no time to get on the phone to get the police,” he said.

“We had to use force to get them away.

“My mum’s not well. She has Fibromyalgia, diabetes and other things affecting her health.

“I was basically coming down to defend my family.”

Cleveland Police said the incident has not been reported to them.