Mother-of-three LIVE STREAMS the birth of her son on Instagram

When she fell pregnant with her fourth child, Jessica Hood made the incredible decision to live stream her birth on Instagram.

And on Boxing Day afternoon the Melbourne-based mum-of-three delivered Harrison James Hood into the world – sharing intimate photos and videos throughout the labour.

But she turned off the camera during the ‘pushing part’ because ‘unfortunately things turned a little ugly’, she later relayed to her followers online.

‘I have some videos I cannot wait to share with you guys. Unfortunately things turned a little ugly and I ended up with my placenta stuck and having to be rushed to theatre after losing a total of three litres of blood,’ Mrs Hood explained.

‘We are fine guys. I’m a bit traumatised and emotional but recovering.’

Videos from the day show Mrs Hood wearing a hospital gown and suffering through each of her contractions until she’s dilated.

‘Been watching this whole journey. He is perfect. Congrats!,’ one woman wrote on Instagram.

‘Hey love, you are so amazing waiting all this time for your precious little boy Harry to be ready to enter the world. You did a great job, so glad that both of you are doing well,’ another added.

Previously, Mrs Hood spoke to FEMAIL about her decision to open up her birth to the public. 

‘I decided back in the July I was going create an Instagram for a number of reasons,’ she told FEMAIL.

‘During this time of my life I was going through a tough time with my anxiety and was in a pretty low place. So I decided to film my labour on Instagram to bring awareness to the illness. I also wanted to give an educational experience to first time mums to show them exactly what happens during childbirth. 

‘Due to a history of suffering post-natal depression, which I had back in 2013 with my first daughter, I will be documenting life with a newborn as well… especially focusing on those first 24 hours with baby,’ she said.

Mostly Mrs Hood was ‘supported’ by those around her for making the decision to share her birth, particularly because ‘it will be quite discreet’. 

‘I have had some criticism but throughout my journey I’m learning to take all good and bad criticism on board. It’s helped boost my confidence in many ways,’ she admitted. 

She said her other children, Lily, five, Logan, four, and Eden, one, were very excited about the new arrival.

She hoped the experience will help other women wanting an honest insight into labour.  

‘I also want them to know you can never really plan your labour and I want them to see how beautiful and natural it is,’ Mrs Hood said. 

‘I also want them to know that I would stop filming if there were complications… my baby and myself are my first priority. I hope they can learn a lot from my live stream though and I hope they take comfort in watching it and feel confident in there own upcoming births.’

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