Mother charged after she allegedly tried to kill her son by pouring bleach down his feeding tubes

A mother allegedly tried to kill her severely ill 13-month-old son by pouring bleach down his feeding tubes.

Police allege Perth woman Brooke Evelyn Lucas, 26, tried to feed her son William the cleaning fluid on December 29.

The infant, who requires around-the-clock care for a rare condition, was rushed to hospital but it is believed doctors were able to prevent him from suffering any serious harm.

The little boy has now been discharged from hospital, according to PerthNow.

Lucas faced Perth Magistrates Court on Saturday charged with unlawful intent to kill or endanger human life.

The 26-year-old was inconsolable when facing the court and will reappear on Monday, Channel 9 reports. 

The one-year-old has a rare condition called Pierre Robin sequence and has to eat and breathe through a tube.

He was discharged from Perth’s Children’s Hospital just five days before his mother allegedly tried to kill him after receiving treatment for bronchitis.

Lucas wrote on her Facebook page when he was discharged on Christmas Eve after the bronchitis treatment it was ‘a Christmas miracle he would be spending his first Christmas at home.’

‘I am in tears after he was so sick Friday and Saturday that he needed to be admitted In to hospital,’ she wrote.

The young mother has been remanded in custody. 

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