Monkey punches curious girl in the face in China

A monkey was caught on video punching a little girl in the face after she got too close while feeding the animal.

In the shocking footage filmed in a zoo in China the monkey lashes out at the child suddenly and without warning.

The video begins with the child crouched down helping to feed the animal. She is accompanied by an adult who is handing the monkey morsels to eat.

The monkey seems totally at ease – but this changes in just a second.

The animal suddenly swipes at the child sending her flying backwards.

The tiny tot was perched at the top of a flight of stone steps which she tumbles down and out of camera shot.

It is thought that the child teased the monkey by dangling a piece of food in front of it before pulling away.

The monkey took its revenge by punching her in the face. It is unclear where in China the footage was filmed or what type of monkey is featured.


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