Minorities being ‘targeted’ in India: Muslim group


A Muslim group in India said on Thursday religious minorities in the country were being “targeted and discriminated” under the incumbent government led by far-right Bharatiya Janata Party.

Speaking at a news conference in the capital New Delhi on Thursday, E. Abubacker, chairman of Popular Front of India (PFI), said: “It is important that all political parties, which are concerned about minority rights, respond positively and include demands of the community in their election manifesto.”

The general elections in India are due in May.

The PFI organized a Muslim Political Conclave to discuss the current political scenario and concerns of the minority communities, particularly Muslims.

The conclave concluded with adopting a charter of demands which covers the developmental, representational, educational, cultural and security issues pertaining to the Muslim community.

“The organization has also prepared an intensive campaigning through distributing pamphlets, convening people’s conventions in 100 constituencies where minority votes are decisive,” said Abubacker.

The group said a change of government with the coming election is in the interest of religious minorities.