Meghan Markle Curtsied To Prince Charles For The First Time [WATCH]

Meghan Markle and Prince Charles are believed to have a wonderful relationship with each other. And this was once again proven during the Commonwealth Day celebration on Monday.

In the video uploaded by BBC, the Duchess of Sussex is seen curtsying to her father-in-law. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, greeted Prince Charles with a kiss on his cheek.

A palace insider told People that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to curtsying.

“There is such a lot of nonsense published about this. There is nothing written down about this, even for members of the royal family… People normally just do what they feel comfortable with,” the insider said.

The insider added that Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t seem to mind even if members of the public do not curtsy to her.

Meanwhile, Myka Meier, the founder, and director of Beaumont Etiquette said that it is unlikely for the members of the royal family to bow down to the future King. As such, Meier is convinced that Markle’s curtsy was just a minor slip-up.

But both Markle and Middleton curtsied in front of Her Majesty when she arrived at Westminster Abbey. The Duchesses once again curtsied for the Queen while she greeted a line of guests inside the church.

In related news, Markle was criticized for wearing four-inch heels during her recent outing. Doctors warned Prince Harry’s wife of possibly risking her unborn baby’s health for the sake of fashion.

Dr. Sarah Jarvis previously told The Sun’s Fabulous Online that she doesn’t recommend pregnant women to wear high heels especially much later in their pregnancy.

“One of the most affected areas in the back. It’s already prone to strain because your center of gravity is shifted by baby weight in front… What I would ask is, is it worth putting yourself and your baby at risk for the sake of fashion?” she said.