Matchmaking expert reveals why you are more likely to be cheated on in summer

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel extra frisky in summer, and potentially find your eye wandering, the hot weather could be to blame.

Australian dating expert Louanne Ward said the warmer months are her busiest period and she’ll see countless singles come through her doors looking for love.

And she revealed this period is also a prime time when people are more likely to cheat on their partners.

From why confidence gets a boost, thanks to increased serotonin to how a holiday feeling helps you feel like cutting loose, here, Louanne outlines the six reasons why people may stray over summer. 

Summer increases your libido, said Louanne on Facebook video, and there are a number of reasons why this occurs.

One is that during summer, you’ll likely spend more time in the sun.

Sunshine has a direct link to serotonin, the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure.

‘As serotonin is released you’ll feel happier, and the happier you feel the more in touch you’ll be with your sexual libido.’

It stands to reason that as temperatures increase, you’ll wear less clothing which means more exposed skin.

‘More exposed skin means the less there is left to the imagination,’ the expert explained.

As men and woman are both stimulated visually, seeing a body clad in less is likely to increase desire.

In summer, you naturally sweat more, and this in combination with more exposed skin can trigger your primal desires.

Louanne said countless studies have shown pheromones, a type of scent signal, released in male sweat can arouse a woman in the most inexplicable ways.

The expert said this sort of response is similar in the way a man will be more in tune with a woman who is ovulating through the release of her pheromones.

During summer, greater exposure to sunlight can have an effect on the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone associated with sleep.

‘This isn’t great news for your sleep pattern, but it is good news for your libido,’ Louanne said.

‘Melatonin can mess with your sex hormones: testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone.

‘So naturally the less melatonin, the more likely you are to want to have sex more often.’

Longer daylight hours and more energy means during summer you’re likely to want to move more.

Louanne added you also might be more aware of your body and want to make sure it’s looking its best.

No matter the reason, exercising will make you feel happier and have an effect on your libido, the expert said.

‘When you exercise, you release dopamine, which is the hormone which makes you feel good. And the better you feel, the more confident you feel.

Childhood recollections of holidays with the family or carefree times spent with friends as teenager can mean summer is often a time associated with happy memories.

Louanne said people tend to feel more like ‘cutting loose’ during this period – a feeling she believes is connected to memories where you felt less burdened by responsibility.

This might see you feel as if it’s possible to spark up a holiday romance or have no-strings-attached fling.

‘A lack of responsibility and routine affects your general demeanour,’ the expert said.

‘When you’re happy you’re more, you’re friendlier and you smile more and this can make you more attractive to the opposite sex.’ 

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