Martin Breheny: Cork football’s embarrassment gets a whole lot worse – Ireland

If losing to Kerry by one of the biggest margins (17 points) in the history of great rivalry wasn’t bad enough for Cork, they must now deal with the embarrassment of a 16-point defeat by Tyrone.

In March, they only just escaped relegation to Division 3 by finishing ahead of Down on the head-to-head rule. How ironic was that? Cork and Down, the 2010 All-Ireland finalists, battling it out to stay in Division 2 after a decline that neither would ever have envisaged eight years ago.

In hindsight, perhaps that season gave both a false sense of their worth.

Maybe both thought that bright futures were guaranteed when, in fact, they had reached the final of the worst championship of the modern era. And while we’re on the subject of Cork’s All-Ireland football wins, it’s highly probable that they would not have won either the 1989 or 1990 titles without the considerable influence of Kildare pair Larry Tompkins and Shea Fahy.

Bottom line? Cork have always been a seriously underperforming football county and now it’s got even worse. It’s time for some serious reflection on Leeside, where clearly there’s no quick fix.


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