Mannequin and sweetness queen turns into long-distance lorry driver in shocking profession transfer

A STUNNING model and beauty queen is carving out a new career as a long-distance lorry driver.

Polish blonde Jola Wysocka, 27, has moved to Canada with boyfriend Adam and is working as his co-driver so they can cover more ground in their huge Freightliner Cascadia lorry.

It is quite a career change for the former model who competed in the 2008 Miss Wroclaw beauty contest in the city in south-western Poland’s Lower Silesian Voivodeship region.

Jola said she first began modelling after working as a waitress when she was still a student.

She said: “Taking part in Miss Wroclaw was spontaneous, on the principle of ‘you only live once’.

“I put my name forward with my friend.

“In Poland, I worked very briefly, mainly at the beginning of my studies, as a waitress.

“However, seeing the payment, I laughed and quit.

“I decided to go to the Netherlands during the summer holidays, where I was able to earn enough money as a model for the whole year.

“Taking part in Miss Wroclaw was spontaneous”

Jola Wysocka

“Finally, I moved to Holland and lived there for about five years, where I met Adam.

“We didn’t want to stay in one place and started to look for jobs in other countries.

“We went to Finland where friends told us all the good things about Canada.

“While still in Finland, we applied for a visa and we went out there the same year.”

“Initially, I worked as a housekeeper and when the visa was about to expire, colleagues suggested a good way to get a permanent visa was to work as a truck driver.”

It also enabled her to work with Adam who had already found a job as a lorry driver transporting goods all over North America.

Jola added: “I didn’t want him to drive alone, because that would mean we’d be separated all the time. So I quickly made up my mind and managed to get my HGV licence and got hired by the same company.”

The couple have gone on to set up their own company and now drive the same lorry, taking turns behind the wheel while the other takes a rest.

The blonde beauty says she loves her new job, adding: “Driving makes me very happy. 

“Thanks to my work I’ve already seen a large part of Canada and the USA.”

The couple’s Cascadia lorry, a heavy duty semi-trailer truck with a gross vehicle weight of 60,600 lbs (27.5 tonnes), is the flagship model of Freightliner Trucks.

The lorries often feature in Coca-Cola’s Christmas adverts when they are decorated with elaborate displays of coloured rope lights and bulbs.