Man charged after putting semen into female co-worker’s water

A Florida man has been arrested after he was caught on camera lacing a female co-worker’s drink with semen. 

Robert Tyson, 62, allegedly twice placed semen into the woman’s water mug at the dermatology center where they worked in Tallahaseee.

The 37-year-old woman told police that she was drinking the water last month when she noticed a ‘distinct taste and smell’.

After taking a closer look, the woman said she ‘observed a white colored mucous substance floating atop the water’.

Police said surveillance footage from inside the office captured Tyson sneaking up to the woman’s desk on June 26 and July 2 when she had stepped away. 

The footage allegedly showed him pouring a substance from a specimen jar into her water mug. 

The woman told police she thought he might have targeted her because of previous clashes about her management style. 

She said Tyson had written numerous letters to the HR department saying he didn’t think she was an effective office manager. 

Tyson was fired after the surveillance video emerged. 

He sent an email to the HR department on July 4 allegedly admitting to his actions. 

Tyson wrote that he was ‘repulsed at the thought of my action’.

‘I put a couple of drops of semen in her water. Yes, semen. Why semen? Why put anything at all in there? I-DO-NOT-KNOW!!! I-JUST-DO-NOT-KNOW!!!’ he wrote.  

He later wrote that he was exhausted due to his work schedule. 

Tyson was charged with two counts of misdemeanor battery.

He has pleaded not guilty and has been ordered not to have any contact with the woman.   


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