Maduro Fears US Conspiracy to Murder

Venezuela’s president is assuming the U.S. will kill him.

Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro is worried about his life. Maduro expects the United States to plot a murder against him. It will not be long before the USA initiates a coup attempt in his country, Maduro claims. The White House security advisor John Bolton is the leader of a planned murder plot to establish a dictatorship in Venezuela. Bolton coordinated the training of mercenaries in military bases in Colombia and the USA, he claimed.

Last August, at a ceremony in the capital of Caracas, a drone attack was carried out on Maduro and Maduro escaped. Seven soldiers were injured. In his address to the Venezuelan people, Maduro had said that it had been an assassination attempt against him. He had said that the assassins were members of the opposition who lived in the USA and had connections with Colombia.

The group, which had been acclaimed by the social media as “soldiers wearing T-shirts”, had committed itself to the assassination attempt. They published a Twitter message.

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