Live: The Slacks at WOMAD 2018

The Slacks are a local 4-piece band formed by the brothers Mark and Scott Armstrong, who have tapped into the mainstream of classic Kiwi culture with their original laugh-out-loud lyrics and songs that don’t tire after repeated listens, a sign of candid comic talent.

Emere Wano, programme manager of Womad, told Trevor Reekie last year that she caught a show by the Taranaki-based band, loved them, and booked them straight away. Emere wasn’t wrong.

The Slacks describe themselves the guardians of the rolling vibe. It’s all done with a Maori strum and their one show on the Dell Stage resonated with the crowd checking them out!

Chur …

The Slacks are as Kiwi as, with precisely that sort of entertainment combining good vibes and plenty of humour that brings people together, and that’s what Womad is all about.

Recorded live for Radio NZ Music by Steve Burridge
Titles: ‘Calamity Jane’ (alt: Country Hardline), ‘Be Cool’, ‘Crescendo’, ‘Mercury Lane’, ‘On her way’, ‘Tomorrow Comes’, ‘When You Find Me’, ‘8AM’, ‘Pagan Games’, ‘Friday Night’, ‘Big Aroha’, ‘Flue Open’.
Composers: S. Armstrong, M. Armstrong, B.Gibson, Z. Grieg

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