Konami: No Update Was Released to Disable Silent Hills “P.T.” Demo

A rumor was flying around during Halloween, pointing to Konami quietly disabling the playable demo for Hideo Kojima’s cancelled game, Silent Hills

The rumor noted Konami had released an update that disabled access to the demo, which Kojima named P.T. (playable teaser). Konami issued a statement (via IGN) noting they haven’t released such an update, and that owners of the original demo can still play it, again so long as they have it already downloaded on their PS4 console.

Here’s the statement:

Access to the demo was already limited to only users who had already downloaded it to their PS4 console – as it’s no longer available for download on the PlayStation Store.

Following the cancellation of Silent Hills, creator Hideo Kojima and several other veteran staff left the company to reform Kojima Productions – which are now working on Kojima’s weird new Norman Reedus baby sacrificing game, Death Stranding.

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