Kate Middleton Gave Camilla Parker Bowles ‘Sideways Glance’ For This Cause

She’s allegedly had her issues with Meghan Markle since her wedding to Prince Harry, but whether they did engage in a feud or not, Kate Middleton apparently didn’t allow for anyone else to seem disrespectful during her sister-in-law’s big day last year—including their stepmother-in-law, Camilla Parker Bowles.

In a resurfaced podcast from last year (via Express UK), body language expert Judi James revealed that a moment where the Duchess of Cornwall seemed “awkward” and “excluding” ended with the Duchess of Cambridge giving her a “sideways glance.”

“I think Camilla was one of the ones, when the Bishop Michael Curry was talking, she seemed to be looking down under her huge hat,” James said at the time. “I noticed that Kate did give her a sideways glance, [as if to say] we’re all enjoying this.”

However, she also noted that “exclusionary” behavior is common with both Camilla and Prince Charles during big occasions in public, saying that they aren’t really suited for them.

“[Charles and Camilla] just don’t look very comfortable to me,” she said. “The body language between those two, I think they probably are very happy together now [but] I’m not sure that the royal outings seem to suit them very well.”

The resurfaced podcast comes amid constant rumors plaguing both Middleton and Markle that claim they have been locked in a bitter feud for the last year. The pair seemed to finally squash those rumors as they greeted one another with a kiss on the cheek while attending recent Commonwealth Day services.

It also comes as hype grows over the expected arrival of Markle and Prince Harry’s first child together. The couple is set to welcome their first baby in late April or early May.