Join Amazon’s Prime E-book Field and get an Echo Dot Youngsters Version for $1

Do your kids like books? For a limited time, when you sign up for a new subscription for the Prime Book Box, you can also order an Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition for only 99 cents when your first box ships.

With an Amazon Prime Book Box subscription, you choose the age range for books and how often you want a new box delivered. You can select to receive four board books for children up to two years old or two hardcover books in each box for ages three to five, six to eight, or nine to 12. You can also choose to have a new Book Box sent each month, every second month, or every three months. Subscriptions cost $20 per box.

If you have children in two different age ranges, you cannot split the subscription to include one book for one age range and one book for another age range. The options would be to subscribe for two boxes or to manually modify your subscription between boxes to switch back and forth between age ranges.

Amazon book editors create a curated list of books for each age range by reading and selecting from customer favorites. The editors send the curated list to the adult subscriber to preview and choose two. Subscribers can also let the editors make the choices. In all cases, whether you select books or leave it to chance, Amazon will exclude books you have previously purchased from Amazon so you won’t receive duplicates.

According to Amazon, the books included in Prime Book Boxes save subscribers up to 40 percent off list price. If the total regular Amazon price for the two books selected by the subscriber total less than $20, the lower price will apply for that box.

Each Prime Book Box ships for free, so the only extra charge would be sales tax. Subscribers can skip a box any time and for any reason. You can also modify your subscription or cancel at any time without penalty.

Here’s how to get your Dot Kids Edition for less than $1: To qualify for the almost-free Dot Kids Edition, available for Prime members only who are also signing up for a new Prime Book Box subscription, you have to sign up by March 26. When the first box ships, a credit will be applied to your Amazon account. The credit can be used only for an Echo Dot Kids Edition and must be ordered by midnight Pacific Time April 2, 2019. You can find further information about the promotion on the Prime Book Box Echo Dot Kids Edition website page.