Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Is Designing a ‘Large Lunar Lander’

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Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company Blue Origin is currently designing a “large lunar lander” called Blue Moon, according to a statement released on Tuesday.

In order to establish its lofty goal of transitioning humanity into a species that can “live and work” in space, Blue Origin says:

Blue Origin is partnering with MT Aerospace and the German technology corporation OHB on a future lunar mission. In a statement on Tuesday, OHB said: “The companies have partnered on a future Blue Moon mission to the lunar surface – Blue Origin’s lunar lander capable of bringing several metric tons of cargo to the Moon.” The mission will ostensibly ferry a payload to the moon via Blue Origin’s reusable orbital rocket New Glenn.

The billionaire Amazon CEO has long expressed ambitions to build a formidable, low-cost space exploration company capable of shuttling paying customers into low-Earth orbit. Bezos has also expressed ambitions to orchestrate a moon landing by 2023 and to eventually establish a lunar colony.

It now appears those ambitions are slowly starting to bear fruit.

Source: Blue Origin via Reuters

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