Is Prince Harry’s Father James Hewitt Or Prince Charles? Genetic Proof Revealed

A genetic expert shared a crucial detail about Prince Harry that revealed the identity of his real father.

There are rumors that Prince Harry is Princess Diana’s son from her lover James Hewitt. The speculations sprang from the Duke of Sussex and Hewitt’s similar red hair.

The former cavalry officer has already denied it, but the rumors continue to persist. Spencer Stevenson, founder of spoke with Daily Star Online and addressed Prince Harry’s hair loss, which doubled after he married Meghan Markle.

According to Stevenson, the most common cause of male pattern baldness is genetics and its onset is largely unavoidable. Age and lifestyle can also play a part as well as stress.

“This type of hair loss causes a sudden widespread thinning, rather than a receding hairline, and hair growth usually returns to normal within months of managing stress so again, it’s unlikely that this is causing Harry’s hair loss as his hair has been getting progressively thinner for some time,” Stevenson explained.

The expert noted that for Prince Harry’s case, the main cause of his hair loss is genetics.

“Unfortunately, it appears that he – like his brother Prince William – has the MPB (male pattern baldness) gene and it won’t be long before we notice his haircuts getting shorter to help minimise the appearance of thinning,” Steven explained.

Daily Star pointed out that Prince Harry’s inherited MPB gene should be conclusive evidence that his real father is Prince Charles. Since Prince Harry’s thinning hair is due to the genes he inherited from his dad Prince Charles, then it’s clear that he’s not Hewitt’s son.

Princess Diana’s bodyguard Ken Wharfe revealed in his book “Diana: Closely Guarded Secret,” that Princess Diana was angered with the rumors suggesting Hewitt was Prince Harry’s real father due to their similar hair color. Prince Harry’s red hair is actually a trait he inherited from the Spencers.

Paul Burrell, the late Princess of Wales’ royal butler, said that all the Spencers have red hair. The rumors linking Prince Harry’s red hair to Hewitt are just made up.

Hewitt recognized the fact that he shares the same hair color with Prince Harry. However, he put an end to the paternity rumors involving him and the Duke of Sussex by saying that Prince Harry was already a toddler when he started seeing Princess Diana.