Is ‘Party Down South’ Coming Back? Show Creator Weighs In On Potential Reunion

Fans who loved to get it goin’ from 2014-2016 by tuning in to “Party Down South” on CMT may get a chance to see their favorite partiers living it up again after all.

In an interview with International Business Times, 495 Productions CEO SallyAnn Salsano, who created and produced the series, admitted that she’d love to get the cast of the much-loved series, which was the highest rated on CMT at the time, back together for another go.

“Are you kidding me? That is the show! If CMT took that show and put them back in a house, it would blow up like crazy,” Salsano told IBT. “That cast is like, on fire, all the time.”

Salsano also revealed that the timing could potentially be perfect for a reboot, because the beloved members of the cast were all in a certain stage of their lives that she feels would make for great television and admitted she’d love to do at least a holiday-themed special with the crew, if not a whole season.

“They’re all single right now, it is just like….I was like, ‘Oh my God, we’ve never even had them all in the house like that, where they were all single on the regular show,” she said. “It would be great to get them all together, even if it was just for the holidays. Like, let’s do a Christmas special!”

Salsano also noted to IBT that her hopes for a special would be different from the original cast’s Christmas special, which aired in 2014. That episode featured each cast member’s individual holiday celebrations. This time around, she says she’s “making it her Christmas wish” to film a special which puts them all together in the same house.

While that potential reunion is still up in the air, fans will have a chance to reunite with some of their favorite cast members from both “Party Down South” and “Party Down South 2.” Beginning July 11, a series of 36 10-minute short episodes featuring eight cast members from the two shows are available to watch on

The group, consisting of “PDS” 1 stars Matte Breaux, Tiffany Heinen, Ryan “Daddy” Richards and Walt Windham and “PDS” 2 stars Kelsie Davenport, Hunter Robinson, Tommy Theis and Karynda Worcester, headed to St. Petersburg, Florida once again for their adventures.

“Every situation that this group finds themselves in goes sideways—in a hilarious (and country) way. Whether they are scaring the crap out of each other, washing cars for extra cash, bull-riding, or creating a makeshift waterpark in their backyard…it’s always a party with this bunch,” a press release states. “Time together is never short of laughs, getting down and dirty in the mud, cookouts, pranks, the endless search for love, and blowing things up.”


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