iPad Pro review roundup: Apple’s new iPad has the power to outperform Windows PCs

As exciting as new iPhone launches are for Apple fans, the only device that received a substantial design refresh this year was the iPad Pro. Beyond just shrinking the bezels around the display, Apple also removed the home button and replaced the Lightning port with a USB-C port. And now, with just two days to go before preorders begin shipping to customers and the new tablets appear on store shelves, the review embargo has lifted.

Unsurprisingly, with Apple once again claiming that the iPad Pro could be a capable laptop replacement, many tech sites reviewed the device with that claim in mind. But the new iPad Pro uses the same mobile operating system as the last iPad Pro and the one before it. So what exactly does the third-gen tablet have to offer?

Below, we’ve rounded up several of the initial iPad Pro reviews that popped up online on Monday morning:

CNET gets right to the point in its substantial 2-page review by mentioning everything the iPad Pro does right before diving into some of the most significant issues for creators who might want a new iPad:

Laptop Mag was somewhat more positive about the tablet on the whole, but mentioned that anyone looking for a true laptop replacement might be better served by the Surface Pro than the iPad Pro:

TechCrunch spent more time talking about the Apple Pencil than it did any other specific feature or element of the iPad Pro, and the publication came away impressed:

TechRadar wasn’t exactly blown away by the new display, despite it being the most obvious design change:

The Verge might have focused on the laptop-replacement aspect of the iPad Pro more than any other site, which was a determining factor in the lower score than last year’s iPad Pro received.

Wired had many of the same issues as other sites, but once again highlighted the tablet’s impressive power:

So while the iPad Pro might be as powerful as a similarly-priced Windows PC, iOS still isn’t quite robust enough in its current state to support multitasking to the degree that someone who spends all day on their laptop might need. But if you want the best tablet on the market, look no further than the iPad Pro.

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