Indonesian Ulema Visit OIC In Kabul

A delegation of the Council of Ulema of Indonesia comprising the chairman and prominent members of the council visited the Organization of Islamic Countries‘ (OIC) Permanent Office in Kabul on Friday. 

The OIC tweeted after the meeting that Indonesian Muslim scholars “fully endorse and support the OIC’s peace mandate in Afghanistan and consider the Mecca Declaration of International Ulema Conference on Peace and Security in Afghanistan a positive step in the right direction”.

According to the OIC, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo, its government and Ulema stands firmly committed to supporting the Afghan-owned, Afghan-led peace process and unconditional peace talks among Afghans.

Indonesian Ulema leaders and dignitaries conveyed their high regards and best wishes to the Secretary General of the OIC Yousef Al Othaimeen and through him to Muslim Ummah.

Religious scholars attend a two-day International Ulema Conference for Peace and Security in Afghanistan in Saudi Arabia in July and issued a declaration calling for an end to the war in the country. 

They also called on the Taliban to denounce violence and come to the peace talks tables. 

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