Independent candidate tries to wins votes through interpretive dance before jumping into a RIVER

There have been some exceptionally weird moments to this Federal Election campaign. 

But Independent candidate Alex Dyson, who is running in Wannon in Victoria, has trumped them all in a very bizarre promotional video.

In the clip the former Triple J radio breakfast host explains his policies through interpretive dance before throwing himself into a river.

The short video, which has a repetitive backing beat playing throughout, the 30-year-old MP starts by introducing himself.

 ‘Hello, my name is Alex Dyson and I am running as the independent candidate for the seat of Wannon in the Federal Election,’ he says. 

‘And here are my policies by the medium of interpretive dance,’ Mr Dyson announces. 

Mr Dyson suddenly launches into a rather peculiar dance routine, in which he stares strangely at the camera, and kneels on one knee before lifting his hands above his head.

He then slowly starts to stand up as he pretends to be a tree sprouting from the ground.

As he moves upwards his first policy flashes up on the screen: ‘Forward thinking environmental policies. From Seed to Tree,’ it read.

The wannabe MP, and former radio presenter, then begins thrashing his arms around in a circular motion as he gallops towards the camera.

His second policy is then revealed: ‘Investment in renewable energy. From Wind to Solar’.

He proceeds to do a stirring gesture with one hand, which is thought to resemble driving a vehicle, as his third policy is: ‘Upgraded transport options. From Rail to Road’.

For his next policy, which is: ‘Greater focus on mental health. From awareness to treatment’, Mr Dyson swishes his head from side to side before leaping into the air in a joyous way.

Mr Dyson then begins wiggling around as if he’s trying to escape from an invisible trap as his final policy is seen on the screen: ‘Independent from the Canberra bubble. Freedom to move our own way’.

A message thanking viewers for their support suddenly shows up on screen, which adds: ‘Time to take the political plunge!’

And with that, Mr Dyson – who is fully dressed in a smart suit and tie – throws himself into a nearby river.

The clip has since been circulated on social media and has been met with a mainly positive reaction from viewers.

‘He seems so credible and honest. Why don’t more candidates jump into harbours like that?’ wrote one social media user.

‘Not the hero we deserved, but the one we needed,’ another said.

‘Wannon is one of the safest Liberal seats in the country. Good luck kid,’ a third said.

‘Wish he was running in my division,’ another supporter commented. 


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