Holly and Phil run away from HEATED veganism debate

This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield had to cut a heated debate short and literally run to the next segment after two guests argued passionately about veganism.

Chef Antony Worrall-Thomson and Heather Mills appeared on the ITV daytime show to discuss whether the lifestyle choice had gone too far.

But the debate quickly escalated to the point where the show’s hosts had to stop them from arguing and run across the studio to see Dr Ranj, their next guest. 

In the discussion Antony said he believed that, although there are now 3.5m vegans around the world, the trend has gone too far and he prefers real meat over meat substitutes.  

While campaigner Heather, who has been a vegan all her life claims that the diet helps farmers and that it is still possible to eat well while cutting out animal products. 

Antony started the discussion saying: ‘I don’t have a problem with it, just don’t thrust it down our throats.

‘Nobody wants cruelty to animals – cows that live on the pastures are carbon neutral, the methane is eaten up by the grass and my the trees.’

But Heather disagreed arguing: ‘That’s not true – there is scientific proof that that bit isn’t true – I’m working with framers and I am very much on their side. 

‘Farmers cost the taxpayer £3bn a year, when we buy a pint of milk – the poor farmer doesn’t get paid for it – they only get paid 27p and we the tax payer have to pay the difference.’

Questioning Anthony’s food choices Heather said:  ‘Apparently you don’t understand why vegans eat alternative meats?’

‘No I don’t’, Anthony admitted, ‘I don’t understand people eating a beetroot burger which bleeds, to give them an abattoir experience.’  

And viewers appeared to be in agreement with the chef taking to Twitter where they dubbed veganism a ‘fad’ that they don’t want ‘shoved down their throats’.

One tweeted: ‘Why does there have to be a massive issue with it? I would say veganism is a massive fad at the moment and it will soon become quiet and people will just be.’

Agreeing another added: ‘If you want to be vegan good for you but don’t push it down our throats everyday.’  

Holly then asked Heather: ‘Five years ago you were laughed at by people for being a vegan, but now 3.5 million people are identifying as vegans – do you feel that people are finally understanding you?’ 

She responded: ‘Yes – I’ve developed different foods for people who love the taste of meat and I teach chefs how to cook vegan.’ 

She also wanted to make the fact that she can still eat what she wants, but with alternative ingredients: ‘I make a great chocolate souflee – there are loads of different ways to create them. You can have everything you like without harming animals.’

Phillip Schofield went on to ask: ‘Why not have something that looks like a sausage, but doesn’t have meat in it?’ 

Antony agreed adding: ‘There are wonderful vegan recipes but why would you get one of these vegan sausage rolls, from a high street shop, in a place where there are loads of meat products?’

But despite being a vegan herself Heather condoned any violent demonstrations that have been in the media of late. 

She said: ‘I don’t believe in extreme behaviour which harms or criticises anyone – but it is hypocritical to judge someone who has been a vegan there whole life.’

But Anthony also made the point that other products that vegans like are harming the world. 

He pointed out: ‘You have almonds from California, avocados from Mexico which are causing de-forestation and goji berries from china and mangoes from India. 

‘We are causing carbon food print bringing these products to the UK. We grow very little good veg in this county unfortunately.’ 

But Phil struggled to end the discussion with Antony and Heather arguing over each other. 

Warning them that Anthony was having the ‘final word’ the chef said: ‘Be a vegan by all means but don’t thrust it down my throat. All live in harmony.’

The presenters then quickly jumped up and dashed to see their next guest, leaving them to argue the subject.  


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