Google isn’t yet ready to repair your Pixel 3’s broken screen

After so many years of building its own phones, Google still struggles with some of the inherent problems that come with making hardware. The days when you couldn’t find a Pixel in stores are long gone, but that doesn’t mean Google has been able to sell boatloads of Pixel phones since launching the first model.

Nevertheless, Google just launched a new generation of devices in more markets than ever, but the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were plagued by various issues when they came out that Google will fix via software updates . But if you happen to drop the brand new phone, which can cost north of $900, you’re on your own. Google can’t help you, and the same goes for any repair shops that are trained to replace the damaged glass.

It’s not rocket science to repair smartphones that shatter during accidental drops for these repair centers, and the procedure is usually pretty simple. You bring the damaged device in, pay for the repairs, and they’ll get it done. But Google and its partners can’t do that yet as there are no spare parts available.

Two distinct accounts, including a report from 9to5Google and a post on Reddit, explain that Google isn’t yet prepared to handle accidents, and repair shops may have similar problems.

From 9to5Google:

From the Reddit report:

That doesn’t mean things won’t get better in the future. But if you already own the Pixel 3 or 3 XL or plan to buy one, be extra careful with it. You may be stuck with a broken device for quite a while.

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