Go to to China adjustments cn technician’s notion

CHINGOLA, Zambia, March 9 (Xinhua) — “I have completely changed my perception over Chinese after I visited China and witnessed their culture of hard work,” says Martin Simwaba a resident of Chingola town in Zambia’s Copperbelt Province.

Simwaba, 38, a father of five children who visited China in October for an e-governance for Development program, was impressed by the steadiness shown by the Chinese to develop in all economic sectors.

He said some three decades ago China was a relatively poor country, noting that the Asian nation is now a second economic giant in the world, and aims to eliminate poverty.

This, he said, is a result of long term planning model which has paid off, stressing that Zambia should emulate China’s economic model if the country is to advance in the quest to grow her economy.

Simwaba attributes the tremendous development partly to Chinese government’s commitment to educating its masses in various fields, starting at a tender age.

China’s education system is tailored in such a way that youths are educated in various fields and this contributes effectively towards the development of their country.

If Africa is to develop to a higher level, Simwaba says the African states are supposed to plan for economic growth.

A mining technician by profession, Simwaba visited three cities, namely Harbin, Jinan and Beijing, and was surprised by the advanced technology in all the cities.

He said technology is the heartbeat of China from where development is anchored from.

People have come up with detecting technology to check on an foreign item in any maize silos.

“Chinese are even able to detect fake drinks through technology system,” he says.

Some hotels have installed hotpots on tables where a person can cook his or her own food while seated.

On hospitality sector, Simwaba said it is marvelous.

“Chinese are down to earth and a humble people,” he says.

According to him, China is a safe place for international tourists, adding that he felt at home while in China during the e-governance for development program.

He said the Chinese like mingling with other people and learning other people’s culture and tradition.

Simwaba concluded that he hoped more exchange programs will be carried out so Zambian youths can learn the hard working culture of Chinese.