Georgia nurse says getting married to man 40 years older than her proves she isn’t after his money

A trainee nurse who is married to a man 40 years older than her said she proved wrong her critics who said she was only with him for the money when they wed. 

Jayme Bowen, 27, met David, 67, both of of Bainbridge, Georgia, USA, while working together at a farming and timber plantation six years ago.

Despite the huge age difference, they instantly bonded over their strong work ethic and love of art.

They were met with accusations that Jayme was a goldigger, but said that people finally started to accept their relationship when they tied the knot on January 21 this year. 

According to Jayme, the only downside to their happy marriage is the likelihood that she will outlive her husband. 

Both Jayme and David are hard workers, with Jayme working long hours while also finishing her studies to become a registered nurse and her husband spending a lot of time at his job as a sawyer.

Jayme likes that David is mature and stable, while he is fascinated by her high career aspirations, they say.

The artistic couple have also been able to share their love of drawing and David even got his wife to add hunting to her list of favourite activities. 

Several family members, who they claim have never accepted the relationship, finally decided to trust the couple’s decision after seeing them get married, they said.

Jayme added: ‘We understand each other’s schedules really well. We don’t mind working all the time and we’re willing to make time for each other.

‘He’s stable and I know that I can always depend on him. I don’t feel like that would be the case if I was with a younger guy.

‘My family was accusing him of taking advantage of me for a while. I think the fact that we’ve been together for this long and that we decided to get married proved to everyone that we are committed to each other.’

David said: ‘When I met her, I knew she was a lot younger than me, but something told me to just put the age aside and see if it works.

‘The more we talked, the more comfortable we felt and we basically forgot about our ages. She’s into art, I’m into art, she likes to draw, I like to draw, I showed her that I like hunting and she’s been hunting ever since.’

Another reason why David gets along with Jayme so well is because he feels she is more mature than most people her age.

Even though he feels this way, he still wants to see her further her education and enjoys teaching her life lessons that she can use to her advantage after he is gone.

He said: ‘She knows what she wants in life and she’s going out and getting it. She’s an honest and caring person. I wish my mother were here to see her.

‘With her being the age she is, I like to teach her things, so that she’ll be more knowledgeable when I’m not here anymore.’

The husband and wife both agree that the only negative aspect of their relationship is the fact that Jayme will outlive him.

While she worries about it often, David believes he has up to 30 years left and is going to make sure he enjoys that time with her.

Jayme said: ‘I think about it all the time and it’s the only reason I wish I could change his age. It’s hard thinking about how I won’t be able to spend as much time as I want with the person I love.’

David said: ‘I plan to be here for another 30 years and I’ll be very happy if all of those years can be spent with her.’


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