Fresh claims Uber drivers are rorting Australian customers with ‘cleaning fee’ scam 

Accusations have been made claiming Uber drivers are allegedly scamming customers with hefty cleaning fees.

Sydney man Shaun Gorman was stung with a $150 cleaning fee for a mess he claims he never made.

He travelled from Narrabeen to Collaroy in northern Sydney about 1am on December 16.

Four days after the trip Mr Gorman’s Visa card was charged a ‘cleaning fee’ by Uber.

Uber charges cleaning fees if a customer leavers a mess. The price can vary depending on the extent of the mess. The maximum fee is $150 for a ‘significant amount of bodily fluid (eg urine, blood or vomit)’.

The couple were horrified as they claim they had left the car in the same condition they found it in, reported.

‘It’s just fraud — you can see it’s fraud all over it. We know we’ve done nothing wrong,’ Mr Gorman said.

Another man, Damian Calleja, of Melbourne, was left shocked after discovering he too had been charged $150 by Uber earlier this month.

The bill was for an alleged mess that was left on the floor of the vehicle.

But Mr Calleja claims he never left a mess in the Mitsubishi Outlander.

Uber sent a photograph of the alleged mess, a small wet patch of carpet, but after some investigating Mr Calleja discovered the interior did not match that of a typical Mitsubishi Outlander.

He fears drivers were taking advantage of late-night customers during the festive season.

‘It seems like these guys are after a Christmas bonus,’ he said.

He is now urging others to be vigilant to avoid possibly being stung.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Uber for comment. 

An Uber spokeswoman told both customers had be refunded.

There have been multiple claims of similar ‘scams’ over the past year.

Sydney woman Nikki was charged $150 after an Uber driver claimed she urinated on the seat of his car.

She denied the accusation, saying she sat on a wet bench under a bus shelter to try and keep dry from torrential rain after ordering the Uber. She was eventually refunded.

The ‘cleaning scam’ was exposed earlier this year by an anonymous whistleblower who claimed there was a sub-culture among some Uber drivers to find ways to rip off unsuspecting passengers.

The source spoke to telling the site that drivers had a variety of scams they employ to get more money from fares.

He cited the $150 cleaning fee as one of the more common ones, where drivers will create a ‘fake mess’ after the passengers has left and then charge them the fee.

‘As an ex-Uber driver this is a really common scam that is bragged about on forums like,’ he said.

He said it disgusted him what some drivers were doing to unsuspecting passengers.

He claimed it was simple for drivers to use ‘a tin of soup and some cling film’ to create the fake mess while at the same time not actually doing any damage to their cars.

They would then attribute the ‘mess’ to the passengers and charge the fee, though there are plenty of other ways drivers scam money, according to the whistle blower.

Uber has previously said that it looks into reports where fraud may be detected. 


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