French shares drop 0.39 pct on Thursday

PARIS, March 7 (Xinhua) — French shares lost on Thursday, with the benchmark Paris CAC 40 down 0.39 percent, or 20.89 points, to close at 5,267.92 points.

Of the 40 selected large companies, 25 lost in the day.

French banking group Societe Generale lost 4.32 percent, the top loser of the blue chips. French multinational automobile manufacturer Peugeot went down by 3.87 percent and French global automotive supplier Valeo lost 3.77 percent.

French personal care company L’Oreal advanced 1.83 percent. French distilled beverages producer Pernod Ricard rose 1.33 percent and French multinational electric utility company Engie S.A. rose 1.26 percent. Enditem