France accused of ditching security responsibilities in New Caledonia

The president of France’s centre-right Republicans has accused the French state of abdicating its responsibilities in terms of security in New Caledonia.

Laurent Wauquiez, who is on a visit to Noumea, said there were no longer any efforts to try to arrest those causing trouble.

He said the initiative has to be taken before it’s too late, citing the overseas department of Mayotte where he said every window now has bars.

Another party stalwart Eric Ciotti, who is travelling with Mr Wauquiez, said there were issues with jail sentences because of a lack of prisons and a lack of centres to hold delinquent minors.

The incarceration rate in New Caledonia is twice that of the European average.

The French High Commission said the number of burglaries has dropped by 9 percent over last year while assaults are up by 9 percent.

The two French politicians are urging New Caledonians to reject independence in the referendum in November.


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