Fear the Walking Dead season 5: Rick Grimes to appear in shock twist? Evidence explained


FEAR THE WALKING DEAD could be about to bring a major shock in the coming weeks as there have been huge hints which suggest Rick Grimes might be about to appear on the AMC spin-off show.

Fear the Walking Dead is making its way through season five and it seems fans have spotted a huge Easter Egg in the series.

The AMC show has dropped very subtle hints which have connected it to The Walking Dead through the use of symbols.

Most obviously, Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) was swept away in a helicopter after being saved from near-death.

The helicopter had a symbol featuring three rings, which also popped up in season five, episode two of Fear the Walking Dead.

The second the symbol appeared on a map in Fear, fans were quick to spot the similarity and as a result, thought Rick would appear in the spin-off. 

Now, show runner, Ian Goldberg, has suggested the symbol will be revealed to have significance soon. 

He told fans at ATX Festival over the weekend: “I think it’ll be very disappointing if we didn’t follow up.”

It seems unlikely Rick will appear in Fear the Walking Dead, considering there has already been two crossover characters in the series. 

What’s more, it isn’t likely The Walking Dead’s main character would be in the spin-off. 

As well, Rick has been confirmed to star in a movie which will be dedicated to his life following on from the helicopter removal. 

This isn’t the first time the Fear the Walking Dead team have hinted there could be a bigger explanation behind the symbol use.

Scott Gimple spoke to Alternative Mindz about both shows and confirmed they would remain separate, but there would be something that ties them together. 

He said: “Dwight is the thing they have in common most recently.

“There’s a little thing that turns out into kind of a big thing that connects to something outside of both shows, which people will be seeing.

“But they’re two different shows. Two crazy different shows in a lot of ways.”

Is this proof enough to confirm there is a big group of survivors which could overtake the plucky bunch in Alexandria and Los Angeles?

Is this also the allies The Walking Dead team need to defeat the Whisperers?

Ian has also explained who there will only be crossovers that are “true to life”.

He told SYFY he would never write in a crossover, just for the sake of it, believing that to be untrue to fans.

Fear the Walking Dead continues Monday on AMC UK, while The Walking Dead is expected to return later this year.

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