Fact About Jennifer Aniston Paying Justin Theroux ‘Hush Cash’ After Divorce

Did Jennifer Aniston really pay off ex-husband Justin Theroux to stop him from talking about her to the press? This is what a tabloid claimed about the actress last year, but as time has proven, there is no truth to this speculation.

Back in March 2018, RadarOnline claimed that Aniston wanted to buy Theroux’s silence after they ended their marriage. The “Friends” star reportedly wanted to stop her ex from speaking about her or their marriage.

A so-called source claimed in the report that Aniston did not want any of her “dark secrets” leaking to the press and thought to give Theroux enough cash to stop him from being tempted to sell her out. She and Theroux reportedly did not sign a non-disclosure agreement, so Aniston planned to offer “hush money” that the “Leftovers” star could use to “start anew in New York” after their divorce.

According to the questionable insider, there was a possibility that Theroux would write a “tell-all” about her after their split, so Aniston planned to buy his “silence forever.”

However, there is absolutely no proof backing up any of these claims. Gossip Cop had previously reached out to Theroux’s camp regarding the allegations, but the actor’s rep confirmed that he has no plans to write a tell-all about Aniston. 

Theroux, of course, has no need for Aniston’s money as the actor has had a string of successes and raked in his own fortune. In 2018 alone, he starred in “Bumblebee,” “The Spy Who Dumped Me,” “On The Basis Of Sex,” and the Netflix series “Maniac.”

Aniston’s rep also assured the rumor-debunking site that the claim that paid Theroux “hush money” is nothing more than a “fabrication.”

Theroux himself seemed to put an end to the rumors of there being bad blood between him and Aniston during his interview with The New York Times in September 2018. He told the publication that there was “no animosity” between him and Aniston despite their breakup.

“Neither one of us is looking to throw hatchets at each other… It’s amicable,” he revealed.

Last month, Theroux also gave his wife a special message on her birthday on Feb. 11. He posted a photo of Aniston on his Instagram to celebrate her 50th birthday, along with the message: “Happy Birthday to this fierce Woman. Fiercely loving. Fiercely kind. ….and fiercely funny.”