Experts to discuss big data, healthcare innovation in China

NEW YORK, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) — Some U.S. experts will have a forum on Wednesday in New York City to discuss how big data and entrepreneurialism are driving all sorts of healthcare innovation in China.

The experts will talk about the following topics: Who will be the next unicorn startup? What are the opportunities and challenges in the field? Will China’s top-down technology policies make the country a fierce competitor for global technology supremacy?”

The event is held as big data and other healthcare innovations have prompted investors to rush for China, according to China Institute, the organizer of the forum.

Speakers include Gary Rieschel, founder of Qiming Venture Partners; Olivia Wang, head of U.S. for ZhenFund; and Fei Wang, Cornell Medical health data mining and machine learning expert. The discussion will be moderated by Ye Xie, a journalist from Bloomberg News.

Founded in 1926, the NYC-based China Institute is the oldest bicultural non-profit organization in the United States to focus on China.

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