Everything’s Horrible and Exhausting, So Here Are 221 Great Dogs

It’s been a long week.

There was an election and all the anxiety and malfunctions that come along with a moment of civic engagement of that magnitude. There was an awful storm. There was that terribly racist ad about Central American refugees. There were four critically endangered black rhinos that died after being relocated. There was the moment when Bill Gates showed a large jar of poop to a crowd in Beijing. There was that plan to put California on daylight saving time permanently. There was a very scary missile test that the United States Air Force swears is “not related to any real world events.” There was yet another mass shooting, this time at a California nightclub. Then, to top it all off, massive wildfires hit both southern and northern California. One of them completely destroyed a town called Paradise.

So, yeah. Tough week. In the face of it all, the Gizmodo staff found itself seeking out adorable dogs on the internet as a form of catharsis. Here are the best of what we found. (The first video apparently includes 174 of them.) And do leave some pup pics of your own in the comments. We need all we can get.

Have a great weekend!

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