Etiquette expert insists cabin crew should wear neutral bras as ‘part of the uniform’  


An etiquette expert has said the right bra on airline stewards is just ‘part of their uniform’ and some This Morning fans agree.

Liz Brewer, a UK etiquette expert, who appeared on the ITV show this morning was discussing the story that British Airways has come under fire for accusing female cabin crew of wearing the ‘wrong’ colour or type of bra.

She said that air stewardess should use common sense, claiming: ‘The problem is you take on a job as an airline steward knowing the uniform.’

Charmaine Davis, a former cabin crew member said that cabin crew have more important things to worry about, including the safety of their passengers, rather than the colour of their bra. 

Even though BA have denied this claim union officials have said that managers have told off stewards for wearing the wrong bra more than once.  

Twitter users were divided on the topic, with one saying: ‘Now seeing a bra is offensive wtf’ while others said that its just part of the uniform.   

Explaining the etiquette when it comes to underwear Liz said: ‘The whole idea of underwear is you look like you are not wearing it – you need to wear underwear that is discreet.’ 

While Charmaine disputed how someone had seen the bra: ‘It’s difficult to see anything unless you are having a good old stare. 

‘But we’re also forgetting why they are there in the first place – they are there for your safety,’

‘If you have a heart attack or your plane starts to go down  it doesnt matter what they are wearing.’ 

However Eammon chipped in saying: ‘If I ran a company I would reserve the right to say  “this is the uniform  – this is the look that I want from you,”‘

Asking Charmaine he said: ‘Do BA – do they not have classes in how they apply make up –  so would underwear not come into that?’  

Its common sense if you are wearing a white shirt you wouldn’t wear a pink bra  – and it would be against uniforn standards 

While Liz said: ‘The problem is you take on a job as an airline steward knowing the uniform and as a boss you have the right to dictate what the uniform is.

‘ Admittedly they don’t say you have to wear a discreet bra but maybe this has to be added into the guidelines.’ 

Charmaine agreed that guidelines should be more specific, and said: ‘The problem is men design these uniform – so if they design these thin shirts then you will see bras.’ 

 However Twitter were divided with some agreeing with the etiquette expert: ‘If you go to a job with a uniform, expert to wear a uniform,’ one said.

While others couldn’t believe the  subject was even being discussed: ‘Now see a bra is offensive wtf’.

While another said: ‘Why would you complain about being able to see a coulured bra through a shirt on staff on a flight, why does it even matter?’ 



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