Emmerdale’s Noah Dingle to push scheming Kim Tate to her death?

NOAH Dingle (Jack Downham) had the pleasure of meeting another Tate relative tonight – and it didn’t go down well.

The Emmerdale teen met Kim Tate (Claire King), who was married to Noah’s grandfather Frank.

Kim made a grand entrance after two decades away from the Dales, arriving at Emmerdale Joe Tate’s (Ned Porteous) masquerade ball in an Aston Martin.

She made sure to anger the majority of the villagers, including Charity Dingle and Debbie Dingle (Emma Atkins and Charley Webb), who were frantically searching for Joe.

Joe was meant to marry Debbie that evening but left in the back of a cab after he learned Kim was planning on having him murdered.

Debbie waited for him at the altar, before searching the party and bumping into Kim, who cruelly said that Joe had done a runner because he doesn’t care about her.

“Look love, the only person Joe really loves is himself so just accept it, alright?” Kim advised.

“I’m a Tate too! Joe’s my brother and he never mentioned you,” Noah snapped.

“Oh, you must be Noah,” she replied: “Well, I’m sorry to break this to you kid but you won’t be seeing your brother again.

Noah Dingle FUMING/Kim TateITV

KILLER TEEN: Noah could push Kim to her death
(Pic: ITV)

“Why would he? You’re half Dingle. And with Chris Tate as a father the odds are severely stacked against you”

Kim Tate

“I wouldn’t get too upset, he never really cared for you much anyway.

“Why would he? You’re half Dingle. And with Chris Tate as a father the odds are severely stacked against you.”

Emmerdale fans now believe Noah could kill the Tate family matriarch, after spoiler images showed Kim plunging off of a balcony.

“Here’s my theory, Kim is trying to kill Joe so Noah ends up pushing Kim to save his brother,” one tweeted.

“My bets on Noah pushing Kim Tate,” another added.

And a third viewer asked: “Anyone else reckons Noah kills Kim?”

Later, it looked highly likely Joe will make it back the Dales.

The businessman was seen returning to the village on foot, desperately trying to get some phone signal.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV.

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