Drunk dad and son ‘beheaded celebration visitor and ATE him’ after discovering out he was former-cop

A DRUNK dad and his son beheaded and ate a party guest after finding out he was a former cop, it has been alleged.

Maksim Kostyukov, 41, and his son Yaroslav, 20, are accused of beheading the corpse before carving off pieces of flesh to turn into soup in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

The Kostyukovs allegedly invited their friend Evgeny Petrov to a party in their flat in October last year.

The dad had previous problems with the law and after learning the guest was an ex-cop they had a furious row.

Kostyukov Jr. then grabbed Petrov from behind and grabbed him as the father cut the former policeman’s throat and stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife several times, cops claim.

After killing the man, the Kostyukovs are said to have beheaded the dead body and cut off pieces of flesh from the legs and torso.

Kharkiv Prosecutor Office spokeswoman Oksana Karnaukh said: “The suspects decapitated the corpse to make it difficult to identify the victim.”

Police say the flesh was used by the dad to cook soup and other pieces were stored in the fridge.

The alleged cannibals are said to have carried the headless corpse out and dumped it near a block of flats.

A janitor found the remains the next day and called the police.

Witness Petro Usaty said: “The corpse was beheaded and gutted. Big chunks of flesh were cut off from the legs and torso.”

Police suspected the Kostyukovs after they identified the corpse and interviewed locals who had seen the victim with the father and son on the day of his disappearance.

They were arrested after police found the victim’s body parts in their apartment.

“The suspects decapitated the corpse to make it difficult to identify the victim”

Oksana Karnaukh

Petrov’s head was hidden in a box on the balcony and pieces of the victim’s flesh was stored in the fridge.

The pair are being charged with murder and are currently standing trial.

They face life-sentences if found guilty.