Drag act interrupts Glasgow wedding singing ‘It should have been me!’

This is the hilarious moment a wedding was interrupted when a drag act stormed down the aisle singing along to a recording of ‘It should have been me!’. 

Footage of the prank shows Cherie Trieffel bursting into Saint Luke’s church, before marching up and down the aisle belting out the iconic Norma Whitfield song.

Cherie, also known as, Mark Swift, then makes her way to grooms Peter McConnachie and Peter Deaville at the altar, who arranged for her visit, and are seen trying to stifle their laughter.   

In the clip, Cherie is seen battering the grooms with her handbag and kissing a stunned guest.

Graham Cole who recorded the footage posted it to Facebook and it has been shared 63,000 times to date.

Speaking to Glasgow Live Mr Cole said: ‘The grooms organised it without telling anyone that it was happening.

‘Peter’s M’s mum Glenda actually thought it was real!’


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