Doomed Theresa May on course for worst defeat EVER by a UK Government over Brexit

The PM is on course for one of the biggest defeats in political history next week – and no idea what will happen next

GOVERNMENT insiders are privately admitting that Theresa May will LOSE next week’s crunch Brexit vote – and it could be a UK Government’s worse ever defeat.

One told the BBC: “We’re going to get smashed” after it was revealed that she could face a defeat of more than 200 votes.

Many of those votes will be from a Government rebellion, as dozens of MPs are still so opposed to her hated deal.

A BBC analysis showed that she could face a loss of 228 votes – meaning she is 114 short of getting it passed.

Around 113 Tories are on track to rebel and vote against the deal. The only bigger Government rebellion in modern times was over the Iraq war where 139 Labour MPs defied their leader.

But yesterday the PM’s hopes were raised after two MPs who had said they would rebel decided to get behind her, but time is running out to get the rest on board.

She even rang around union bosses begging them to get Labour MPs to back her.

It comes as Jeremy Hunt admitted the numbers are “challenging” but didn’t accept that defeat was inevitable.

He told the BBC today: “If this deal is rejected, ultimately what we may end up with is not a different type of Brexit, but Brexit paralysis… which could lead to no Brexit.”

But a Cabinet minister revealed today that Article 50 – and Brexit day – could now have to be extended to get all the laws changed in time.

One told the Evening Standard: “Certainly, if there was defeat on Tuesday and it took some time before it got resolved, it’s hard to see how we can get all the legislation through by March 29.”

Today MPs will enter the third of five days of a marathon debate on Brexit.

Next Tuesday the PM will close the debate and urge MPs to rally around her to prevent us leaving without anything at all.

Yesterday Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe told reporters that the “whole world” wants to avoid a No Deal and that MPs must get behind the PM.

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