Does Queen Elizabeth Secretly Resent Prince Harry For Marrying Meghan Markle?

What does Queen Elizabeth II think about Prince Harry’s decision to marry half-black American Meghan Markle?

A number of netizen wonder if the monarch really approved of the Duke of Sussex’s decision to marry the former “Suits” actress, or if she “secretly resents” Prince Harry’s choice because she looked uninterested during their royal wedding. In this online forum, a number of netizens shared their thoughts on the issue.

David Stewart, a teacher, said that it is possible and added that “it’s definitely not out of the question.” For him, it’s important to entertain the notion that the Queen was not impressed.

“People over the age of 90 tend to be more racist in their core beliefs than people of Harry’s generation,” Stewart explained.

“The Queen grew up in a time when there was an understanding that black people were generally inferior to white people in most respects.”

However, he believes that Prince Philip has a lot more underlying racist views compared to Her Majesty. But it is still possible that Queen Elizabeth II isn’t really into Markle because the reigning monarch didn’t grow up with a lot of black friends to develop much of a relationship and the Queen could have outdated views about race. Thus, she might not be happy with the idea of her offspring marrying a black person.

On the other hand, most think otherwise. For them, the Queen’s seemingly “uninterested” expression during the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding could be due to her age.

Gill Bullen defended Queen Elizabeth II and wrote that “her expression during services in churches and cathedrals is always pretty sombre.” In fact, during Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s big day, she had the same expression.

Jade Worthington, a social worker by profession, also believes that it was unreasonable to suggest that the Queen resented Prince Harry for marrying Markle simply because she’s black. She pointed out that Prince Harry is sixth-in-line to the throne, so he needed the Queen’s permission to marry. Since the royal wedding did happen, then the Queen must have approved of Markle.

“Please forgive a 92 year old woman for not being animated enough for your liking,” Worthington continued.

She added that Queen Elizabeth II is “extremely fond of the Duchess of Sussex.” The monarch not only embraced Markle but her mom, Doria Ragland, as well. In fact, the Queen just gave Markle a new honor on International Women’s Day.

Meanwhile, Claire Jordan said that the Queen’s expression was normal because she’s a “stiff old woman in her 90s” and she naturally has a bit of a “Bitchy Resting Face.” Diane Bell, a geographer, agreed with the royal’s “resting bitch face” expression, adding that it looks worse now that she’s older.