Criminals being let off hook as prisons are too full

CRIMINALS including murderers are being let off the hook if they break rules as prisons are so full.

handUlrich Baumgarten/Getty Images

OFF THE HOOK: Probation staff are given a list of steps to keep offenders out of a cell

Documents show officials are being told to bend over backwards to avoid sending crooks back to jail. 

Probation staff are even given a list of steps to keep offenders out of a cell. 

These include “making lives easier by visiting at home”, “allowing them to miss vital monitoring meetings” and “letting them off bad behaviour with just a warning”.

Merseyside Police said the policy will “place the community and victims at serious risk of harm”. 

However, the leaked documents insist the plans are vital to help struggling prisons.

The Prison and Probation Service said: “We will not hesitate to recall offenders if they show signs of risk.”


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