Courageous dad in stab-proof vest swapping JD Sports activities vouchers for KNIVES to sort out crime surge

A BRAVE dad has taken to the streets in a stab-proof vest to get rid of knives by swapping them for JD Sports vouchers.

Faron Paul, 31, describes himself as “daddy by day and a vigilante by night”.

He has been trying to halt the tide of stabbings plaguing Britain by setting up an informal knife amnesty.

The vigilante gives people vouchers if they hand over weapons to him which he then gives to the police.

Speaking to Sky News, Faron said: “Everybody wants to know why I do this – I do it because I have kids and I want them to live long and happy lives.

“It’s dangerous work so I try to protect myself with a stab proof vest and I normally have a friend and my dog with me, too. But you never know.

“But every time I take a knife off the street I am probably saving a life and stopping someone from going to jail.

“To me that is worth the risk. I’m trying to help build a better future for the next generation and a situation where local communities don’t need to live in fear.”

He uses social media to reach out to knife carriers and people can get in touch to arrange a handover with the promise of anonymity.

“It’s dangerous work so I try to protect myself with a stab proof vest”

Faron Paul

When he gives the knives to the cops, he uses his own detail as a further incentive for people to trust him.

Faron claims kids won’t want to go to the police station themselves and admit to having a weapon so he works as the middle man.

Amazingly, the dad once took on an armed gang on his niece’s 16th birthday party when he discovered one of them was carrying a “Rambo-style knife”.

His gallant efforts come amid an ongoing knife-crime crisis which is affecting all corners of the UK.

Last weekend two 17-year-olds were killed in London and Manchester.

Jodie Chesney was knifed as she listened to music with friends in East London and straight A grammar schoolboy Yousef Makki was stabbed in a posh Cheshire village.