Contemporary claims Melania Trump makes use of ‘body double’ after odd picture emerges

THERE are fresh claims Melanie Trump is using a body double to attend events with her husband after a photo was posted on social media.

The picture shows Donald and Melania viewing 23 crosses that were put up to remember the victims of the recent Alabama tornadoes.

But Twitter users thought the photo revealed something more strange – bizarrely claiming the woman pictured was actually a double.

Commenting underneath the image, people have said Melania looks nothing like herself.

One commented: “A body double for public appearances? How is this an acceptable practice? Seriously. There’s a whole different level of bizarre with this family.”

Another joked: “I also use Rent-a-Melania. It’s the best.”

I genuinely think there is a chance he has no idea it’s not her,” chimed in another.

But this isn’t the first time bizarre claims of a Melania body double have emerged.

Last year, people accused the US First Lady of using a lookalike as a stand-in.

A picture of Melania getting off the Air Force One jet after landing in Brussels was shared widely because of how unlike herself she looks in it.

Other photos have aroused suspicion among conspiracy theorists to peddle the theory that she has a replica.